The USHCC Partners With Wells Fargo on New Business Accelerator Program

Regina Heyward (Photo: Twitter)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) and Wells Fargo are proud to announce a new business accelerator capacity building program titled Avanzar. The USHCC and Wells Fargo in partnership with the Albuquerque Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (AHCC) and the Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Charlotte (LACCC) will administer a year-long accelerator program designed to help small scalable Hispanic-owned Business Enterprises (HBEs) called Avanzar (or advance) and take their business to the next level.

Each month for eight consecutive months, the LACCC and AHCC will convene their ten participating Hispanic businesses for an educational programming series. The administered curriculum and training will help the participants overcome barriers to success in order to scale their businesses and build sustainable enterprises.

“We are thrilled at the prospects of this new program rooted in our steadfast commitment to the Hispanic business community,” said Ramiro Cavazos, USHCC President & CEO. “Hispanic entrepreneurs start businesses three times faster than the average American, but they often face undue barriers to scaling. If Hispanic-owned businesses scaled as quickly as non-minority-owned businesses, there would be an additional $1.47 trillion dollars in the American economy. We are committed to helping the Hispanic business community reach its full potential.”

Regina Heyward (Photo: Twitter)

“Wells Fargo is proud to be the exclusive sponsor of the Avanzar program. We fundamentally believe that capacity building, access to capital and effective mentoring are critical ways to ensure that Hispanic-owned businesses grow and scale. The Avanzar program is about empowering Hispanic business owners to grow sustainable firms that create jobs in communities all across the United States,” said Regina Heyward, senior vice president and head of Supplier Diversity at Wells Fargo.

Participant Criteria

  • Hispanic businesses between $100K – $ 1MM in revenue
  • Must be an established business with at least three years of operations
  • Must have a business that in the long term is scalable into an enterprise
  • Be in good membership standing with the local chamber of commerce

For the Avanzar program application in Charlotte click here.

For the Avanzar program application in Albuquerque click here.