Hoy Health Launches First International Prescription Gift Vouchers

Mario Anglada

MORRISTOWN, N.J.–For the first time, Hoy Health, LLC makes it possible for consumers to purchase medications in the U.S for their loved ones in Latin America, and Hoy Health will home-deliver within 24 hours.

Consumers simply visit HoyRX.com to select the medications which must be available and approved in the home country. This solution addresses a critical issue: the assurance that monies are used for the purpose intended.

“Our program is transforming the entire remittance business, a $600 billion market worldwide,” says Mario Anglada, CEO, Hoy Health. “This innovative product provides peace of mind to all consumers, ensuring that all money invested in the purchase is used for the medications and delivered within 24 hours to their loved ones living in their home country. We know consumers work hard for their money and want to assure them that their money is well used, especially when it comes to purchasing medicines.”

Hoy Health’s innovative approach guarantees that money is used for its intended purpose, which is so critical when it comes to medication adherence and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“We are extremely proud of this product introduction because it enables individuals worldwide to support their loved ones from a distance and at a low cost across North America and Central America,” says Anglada. “During 2019, we will expand this program globally, further fulfilling our mission to provide affordable and accessible primary care to everyone, everywhere.”

HoyRX vouchers can be purchased directly at HoyRX.com, from a physician’s office, or at participating retailers. Medication vouchers are redeemable at over 62,000 pharmacies in the U.S. and PR, with home delivery of medications in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras or El Salvador. These deliveries will be completed in two hours in major cities and within 24 hours in remote locations.

Hoy Health, LLC is a first-of-its-kind health-tech platform that provides a comprehensive and integrated bilingual healthcare support ecosystem to medically underserved patients offering solutions relative to medication access, medication adherence, tele-health and chronic condition management programs. Hoy Health was named by FierceHealthcare as one of the top “Fierce 15” health companies of 2019.